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Love is the force stronger than the strongest,
It unites and conquers the world;
Spread the wings of love and soar high in the sky,
Land at any place you like or even dislike.
Sail on the love boat in deep sea
Cross the unfathomable depth and
Land in unknown territory,
Love the white,
Love the black,
Love the yellow,
Love all.
Love saves the world from dooms day,
Love the believer whatever be his god;
Love the non believer
Let love be his God.
Love is a cushion that absorbs all shock,
Love is a medicine that cures all disease.
Love is a bus that reaches every destination.
Cross the boundary and make a new kingdom of Love,
Emotion is its capital with headquarters in the castle called heart.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slumdog and poverty sells

If poverty sells, sell it. You have it, but you are ashamed. No way.
Even after even after 60 years of independence you are not ashamed to have poverty or the slums. You have social stratification, barriers and lots of evils which many new nations do not have. If you are not ashamed to have all this, why bother if somebody sells it. I only feel that there is good economics behind it, there is good economics after it. Secondly, Rubina and the like kids will at least feel inspired that they can end up or show up anywhere in company of anybody, even the Hollywood stars. This removes nervousness and gives confidence to people.
Its good.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Touring United States of America 10th May 2008

Today is the 10th day of May 2008. Its 7-25 pm Kolkata time now. We four are going to the United States. Me, wife Ajanta Sengupta, my in laws Kajal and Ranjit Mukherjee completed all the formalities and are waiting in the lounge to board the plain. We were a bit nervous as it would be our first step outside India. Our present destination is Dubai. We are boarding the Emirates Airline flight No EK 0549. The departure time is 20-30 Indian time.
We reached the Airport at 4-35 p.m. We were accompanied by Mouri, Laltu, Poto, and Bijoy. We started at 3-30 p.m from residence and reached RD Auddy Lane. My in-laws started from there with Mouri and Laltu. We made a convoy to reach the airport.
We went inside for check in at 5-10 p.m. Our baggage was sent through x-ray machines. We made to the Emirates counter where our luggage was weighed and sent through for direct transit to Houston via Dubai. We took boarding passes for both the flights.
Next we went to the Immigration Counters. I had to answer a few questions on my profession, destination, and our sponsors in USA.
We got our hand bags checked in and waited in the lounge with passengers cleared for boarding the plane.
Soon we heard the boarding announcements. Sick, infirm and persons traveling with babies were called first followed by passengers in groups according to their rows of sitting in the plane.
A bus took us just about hundred steps away to the stair case of flight no EK0549 and it was 15 minutes to departure at 20-30 p.m. It was an A 300-200.